Using energy as efficiently and effectively as possible is essential to meet the energy needs of our future generations and to enable transition to renewable energy sources.

Fortunately energy efficiency and conservation are also the lowest cost options for meeting the current energy need and that of our future generations. Energy efficiency also provide many other benefits to environment, economy and enhanced reliability of energy systems.

With the use the more efficient equipment and changes to the way we use energy to meet our needs we can create an impact on the environment and resources available for our future generation while enjoying the financial benefit.

Businesses often lack the information necessary to make good choices in energy efficient equipment, services and the financing they need to achieve energy efficiency. It is where New Dawn Energy plays a role by bringing much needed expertise on energy efficient technologies, practices and financial assistance available to improve on energy efficiency. Integrating all three elements we provide turnkey energy efficiency solutions to our customers and let our customers focus their resources in their core business.


Keep in mind: “The cheapest energy is the energy that need not be generated.”

Sustainability is integral part of our energy efficiency solutions which results in the following benefits to you:

  • Reduced energy cost
  • Lower ongoing operating cost
  • Increased property value
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Enhances occupant health and well being
  • Reduced liability through healthier buildings
  • Community recognition of environmental efforts
  • Financial incentive


Our turnkey energy solutions help commercial, institutional, industrial and residential customers to reduce their energy cost by enabling them to use only the electricity needed and to get the most out of the energy that is being used. Our energy solutions also include onsite energy generation solutions.

We provide a range of services that help our clients understand their energy usage, improve on their usage, and produce their energy more economically. We start with energy audits, propose retrofits with latest technology solutions and help to promote a culture of conservation to improve the bottom line. We take a holistic approach and evaluate every single energy load, user environment in our clients’ facilities. Based on this we provide energy saving solutions in every areas including lighting, motors, compressors, HVAC, boilers, real-time occupancy, building automations and envelop.

Depending on the specific task our customer needs, we assemble the right team of experienced professional with a broad range of multi-disciplinary talent. Our team approach and our commitment to client goals enable us to successfully complete projects of any size on time and budget.

We have the necessary tools to accurately estimate the cost and resulting savings hence your project cost and savings are defined up front. With our energy efficiency solutions you will not only save on your electric bills but also will contribute to make the world a better place today and for our future generations.


If you can’t measure you can’t control! Monitoring is very critical to any energy saving plan as it monitor the energy consumed 24 hrs. a day and provide with an update which you can look from around the world through your computer and smart phones. In addition the energy monitoring system also alert you by email when there is abnormal condition exist with your energy usage. This ensures reliability and makes sure that the operational efficiency and proper operation of the stems in a building.

With our energy usage monitoring you can easily track your consumption and cost which will help you control your energy usage and take timely decisions


With generous government incentives for energy audits and energy efficiency upgrades it never made more sense to upgrade inefficient equipment than now. Every energy project is different and corresponding financial benefits from one project don’t necessarily similar to another. We help you navigate to find the energy efficiency upgrade projects that will make more financial benefits to you.

Want to upgrade inefficient equipment but don’t have the cash? Our partners’ financing programs enable you to spread the cost of your energy efficiency upgrades out over time and enable you to start saving money from day one. Our partners’ wide range of available financing options can ensure that your energy efficiency upgrades fits both your energy needs and your finances.


Energy saving measures will help you save money safely while improving your environment. Governments’ incentives for conservation provide compelling financial reasons to implement energy saving solutions now. With these governments’ incentives your energy saving projects costs can be paid off within as low as 6 months. But these incentives for energy savings are unprecedented and set to expire by December 2014 hence you should act at the earliest opportunity.

Getting started with energy savings is easier than you might think. With just one phone call/email/web-submission, you could schedule a free energy consultation to obtain a custom plan for your property.  From this initial consultation we determine an appropriate action plan for your property and guide you through the steps to find the most suitable energy solutions for you.


Energy saving program can help you save money safely while improving your environment. Our energy saving solutions not only produce high yielding return but also let you contribute to make the environment better for your future generations.

To get started, complete the form below so one of our representatives will get in touch to explain you the benefits and begin your free energy consultation. From this initial consultation we determine if your property is a candidate for an energy saving solutions and guide you through the steps to find the most suitable energy solutions for you.

Don’t stay in the dark a minute longer; act now for your free information. This consultation comes without any obligations and will help you to decide on your future course of action with respect to your energy needs.

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