Without the sun, life as we know would not exist. The light and heat radiated by solar source sustain plant and animal life on earth, providing the fuel for all of the planet’s natural processes. Since humans walked on the earth, we’ve used the sun in countless ways.

Most of earth’s surface receives enough sunlight making it viable to use solar energy. In fact, each hour of sunlight that reaches the earth contains potential energy greater than the amount of electricity used annually by every person on the planet.

Harnessing solar power will be important for our energy future, providing energy diversity and reducing our dependence on fossil fuels which pollute the environment. Solar technology is also versatile can be used in space or on Earth, at sea or on land in remote areas where electricity is needed.

The Ontario and federal Government’s incentive programs offer property owners and businesses an extraordinary opportunity to reduce energy costs, improve energy efficiency, and generate additional income by installing solar energy generating equipment on normally unused roof areas.

Although solar energy solutions come with an initial cost, solar energy options have many advantages. Moreover, with financial incentives for solar from the governments it is possible to easily displace your energy expenses. Opting for solar Energy not only financially rewarding but also enabling you to make great contribution to avoid fossil fuel and making our world a better place.

Benefits of Solar

  • Earns you additional income or reduce your electricity bill
  • Hedge against rising electricity prices
  • Provide electricity where there is no grid (your cottage)
  • Increase your property value
  • Modular & Silent
  • No operational cost, low life cycle cost
  • No / very low maintenance
  • Abundantly availability in any part of the world
  • Relatively easily and quickly deployable
  • Minimize long-term environmental consequences of carbon dioxide emissions
  • Earn carbon credits which can be traded for money
  • Eliminate / minimize the health impact of fossil fuel emissions

“Electricity production from solar power systems do not produce any pollutants or greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, and the sun’s energy is an abundant and renewable resource.”


Have you ever wondered why people are installing solar panels on their roofs? Since Ontario government introduced Green Energy Act and rolled out FIT, Micro Fit incentive programs property owners have been installing solar panels on top of their roofs and generating electricity and money from these solar panels which is guaranteed by Ontario Government.

The money they make from selling electricity from these panels give them more than 11% guaranteed return on investment for 20 years. Since properties with solar power system bring addition income to property owners they also sell for a premium over similar properties without solar.

Furthermore, electricity production from solar power systems do not damage our environment. This allows the next generation to be able to experience living in a world that we, the older generation, lived in harmony years ago. This is a WIN-WIN situation where everybody wins.

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Solar power system produces electricity where it is used hence eliminates losses in transmission and distribution systems. In fact many governments across the globe are encouraging their citizens to opt for solar power due to all the benefit listed above and saving it creates in energy and health infrastructure required to meet the rising energy demand.

“With our energy solutions you will not only earn income, save on your electric bills but also will contribute to make the world a better place today and for future generations.”


Monitoring is very critical to any solar Electric installation as it monitor the solar electric system 24 hrs. a day and provide with an update which you can look from around the world through your computer and smart phones. In addition to the solar monitoring system also alert you by email when there is abnormal condition exist with your solar electric system. This ensures reliability and makes sure that the operational efficiency and accuracy of the solar electric system is at the optimum.

Solar electric monitoring system is included with our solar electric system. Our monitoring solutions ensure that you are always on top of your production as far as the solar solution goes. We also provide a consumption monitoring kit as an option and you can easily track your consumption and cost which will help you take timely decisions. The access to the monitoring system is planned to be multi-pronged.


Solar electric system prices have come down substantially and it never made more sense than now. Solar electric system also helps to earn income from unused areas of your property and reduce your environmental footprint.

Ready to go solar but don’t have the cash? Our partners’ solar Loan programs enable you to spread the cost of your solar system out over time and enable you to start earning money from today. Our partners’ wide range of available financing options can ensure that your solar system fits both your energy needs and your finances.


The unique feature of solar electric solutions is that it can help you earn money while improving the environment and the planet in general. Governments’ incentives for solar provide compelling financial reasons to go solar now. In 2009 the governments introduced incentive program called Feed in Tariff and tax credit through accelerated depreciation of renewable assets. With these governments’ incentives you could earn upward of 11% return from solar. But these incentive for solar energy are unprecedented and may not last long, you should act in timely manner and take advantage of them.


Solar power system can help you grow your money safely while improving your environment. Your solar PV system not only produce high yielding return but also let you contribute to make the environment better for your future generations.

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