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Solar Energy: A Smart Alternative

New Dawn Energy Solutions

We help residential, commercial, institutional customers and communities to reduce their energy cost and generate electricity onsite with solar. Our goal is to provide the best possible energy solutions to each and every customer using top quality materials that are the latest in technology.

Our key team members are members of Professional Engineers of Ontario and we embrace the members’ code of conduct as our own. For every customer, we provide three design concepts with a clear turnkey fixed price and service that will leave you wanting to work with us for years to come!

We are Better Business Bureau (BBB) A+ rated member and winner of Solar Power World 2016 top contractor, Trusted Pros and Homestars awards for outstanding service and professionalism in the field of Solar Energy services. More importantly fortunate enough to be professionally recognized and referred by our customers to their network.

Our Energy Solutions


We provide turn-key grid-tied, grid-interactive and off-grid solar energy solutions for homes, businesses and communities for one fixed price. As one of the leading solar energy companies in Ontario, we are committed to providing our clients with the best possible energy solutions to meet their energy needs. We ensure your solar energy system is properly sized, designed using high-quality high-performance products available. We also ensure that your solar power system is professionally installed for decades of trouble-free operation.

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Energy Efficiency

We provide a range of energy efficiency solutions that help our clients understand their energy usage, improve on their usage and save on their utility bill. Our holistic approach in evaluating our customers’ needs and formulating a solution produce optimum results to our customers. We also provide the necessary documentations needed to participate in the Provincial and Federal Governments’ incentive programs for improving energy efficiency and reduce energy usage.

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We provide energy storage solutions for backup power during utility outages, powering remote locations and electric vehicles. Our storage solutions integrate seamlessly with solar, enabling you to self-power your homes, businesses and cottages. We also implement charging infrastructure for electric vehicle.

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New Dawn Energy Solutions is a full-service energy firm that take care of everything that need to be done in a project. We handle every stage of assessment, design, development, and installation of your energy systems. From initial assessment, financing consultation to utility integration and from monitoring to maintenance, we are your trusted energy solutions provider.

Our energy solutions range from energy assessment to turnkey energy solutions that meet or exceed customer expectation. We have the tools to accurately determine savings, earning, payback and provide all necessary service, support and maintenance you may require to meet your goals.

We are committed to bringing the most innovative and robust energy solutions to exceed our clients’ expectations. We strive to deliver engineered product quality and value to our clients. Our products are available in a standard design or fully customized to suit our customer’s needs.

To provide our customers with the best possible energy solutions we continuously research the latest products and development in the energy sector. Our team members have broad industry wide experience and knowledge you can count on.


New Dawn Energy Solutions vision is to spread the use of the technologies for optimizing energy usage, harnessing renewable energy at reasonable cost and to effectively provide electricity to the global communities through the application of renewable energy technologies.


Our goal is to be the leader in the energy solutions industry and provide the best possible energy solutions to each and every customer. We aspire to inspire change in the evolving energy industry by employing the best talent, the best processes, the best practices and the best materials available to deliver our customers the best energy solutions.


Nani and company were always on time, respectful, and thorough. He helps you obtain all
government grants and explains every aspect of the project. His subcontractors are well chosen and
meet his high standards. I feel good about my decision to go with solar panels with New Dawn.

Joel, Toronto

I‘m glad to have selected New Dawn Energy Solutions for my Micro-Fit Project. Professional crew with great customer service during and after the project was completed. I was impressed with their expertise and their ability to answer all my questions and concerns. Installation from start to finish exceeded my expectations. I definitely recommend New Dawn Energy Solutions to everyone. AAA+

Ion Marghetis Newmarket

Highly qualified and specially trained PV engineers and crew completed the micro-fit project well with-in time and budget. All of us and all the regulatory parties involved in the project were impressed with the professional conduct of New Dawn Energy Solutions under leadership of Nani. Now I am poured with $$Dollars from Heaven not pennies from Heaven in the form of checks from Power Stream. All thanks to New Dawn Energy Solutions and micro-fit program.

Peram Sathuru , Concord


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    New Dawn Advantages


    On-time, courteous, respectful energy professional working for you! Your energy solutions formulated specifically for your property and come with best in class components and warranties.
    Our solar power systems are designed specifically for local conditions and come with 25 years warranty on solar panel and 10 years warranty on rest of the components. Our high efficient, high quality system components combined with the mounting equipment designed specifically for the location environment, you will not find more robust, reliable and better supported solar power system on the market.


    We continuously research for high efficient and quality energy equipment so our customers get the most benefit from our energy solutions whether it is solar energy or energy efficiency solutions.


    We work with high quality manufacturers and suppliers around the world that meet the international standards. Our relationship ensures we provide the best solutions on the market to our customers.


    New Dawn Energy Solutions has experience in designing, training and installing solar power systems in developing and developed countries. We make sure our systems are built for local conditions and requirements wherever they are used.


    Expect licensed and insured professionals who will get the job done right the first time.


    All energy solutions are guaranteed. New Dawn Energy Solutions will stand behind the service you receive.


    We also offer several convenient, attractive financing options; in consultation with you we will find the right one for you. Don’t put off your projects, put off your payments financing available

    Why Choose Us?

    • Our goal is to provide the best possible energy solutions for our customers.
    • Our system performance and financial analysis are based on practical consideration, and are flexible enough so that our customers can examine various scenarios that are specific to their particular application.
    • We carefully look at your current utility rate options, projected system performance on monthly basis based on actual site conditions and consider your specific interest rate, electric rate and tax rate scenarios to determine your potential saving/earning over the lifetime of the equipment.
    • Our philosophy is simple: we believe that using energy effectively and producing clean electricity directly from renewable sources are the right things to do for both our environment and economy.
    • We do a comprehensive assessment of your energy needs, which will help you optimize your energy usage or production.
    • We continuously research the latest products and choose the best technology for your application.
    • We have the tools to accurately determine your savings, earning, incentives and payback; we do not guess and we do not rely on standardized optimistic estimates.
    • We use our own crews or very carefully chosen contractors.

    Products and Services

    New Dawn provides range of products and services required to provide our customers with turnkey energy solutions to meet their energy goals. Our products and services can be easily integrated to address your energy needs effectively.


    New Dawn offers services that help you to analyze and select the effective energy solutions for your energy needs, implement the selected energy solutions effectively on time, budget with minimal disruptions to your operations and continuously improve on your energy plans.

    Our services include but not limited:

    > Need assessment
    > Feasibility analysis
    > Audits
    > Consent services
    > Project management
    > Turnkey installation of solar power system
    > Turnkey energy solutions
    > System Integration of onsite energy systems
    > Training
    > Maintenance


    To provide you the best possible energy solutions New Dawn also provides many innovative high quality products that would integrate neatly into your energy saving and local energy generation applications. In addition to supplying these products we help integrate them into your energy plans and systems seamlessly.

    Our Products include but not limited to:

    > Solar panels
    > Mounting systems
    > Charge controllers
    > Deep cycle batteries
    > Inverter
    > Energy optimizing systems
    > Monitoring Systems
    > Variable Frequency Drives
    > Day lighting products
    > Energy efficient lighting
    > Energy meters and monitors
    > Packaged grid-tie systems
    > Portable solar generators & power systems
    > Solar heating and cooling systems
    > Solar street lights & signs
    > Solar pool heaters
    > Solar water heaters
    > Solar water pumps
    > Small wind turbines
    > Automation systems