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Energy costs are going up and up. Recently natural gas price had been increased. Electricity rates also had gone up. This trend will continue. So saving energy in all possible means is essential.

Energy as electricity or gas is used to heat water. Less the hot water a building use, less energy is needed to heat the water. The water supply authority uses energy to purify and pump water to your facility and also in treating the waste water generated in the building, back to good quality water for use. Your water bill includes cost of purifying water and sewage treatment. Hence, saving water reduces water bill and energy bill and water management is an integral part of Energy Management.

Canadian’s water consumption per capita is second to that of USA and on the average, about two times the amount consumed by other developed countries of west Europe. Thus there is a large potential for water and energy conservation available for Canada. At the same time, unit price of water in developed West European countries are more than double that of Canada and USA. If we do not manage our water use properly this gap may narrow down rapidly.

Residential sector (rented, owned, one or multi-family houses – rental and condo housing, mobile homes not including institutional housing like schools, barracks ) consumes more than 50% of water supplied by municipalities. Residential sector is a logical target for water demand management. It is estimated that each household could reduce water consumption by about 40%. This translates to reduction in energy for heating the water (Energy Bill), amount of water drawn from supply system and sent down sewers (Water bill) at the consumer level, reduction in energy for purification and transport of fresh safe water, transport and treatment of sewers and return good water to streams, lakes etc at the drinking water production and waste disposal facilities.

The first step of effective management is tracking your use; as the very first step of our energy audit process we bench mark your energy and water uses and set up a system for you to continuously monitor your use. Contact us early and take control of your energy, water uses and start saving money early.

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