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Written by Narayana Asogan, P.Eng.

Before deciding on a Lighting Retrofit Project, it pays to do a lighting level audit. In a building lighting installation, one comes across areas of poor illumination and areas of over illumination. Color Temperature of light source has an effect on ambiance, activity. Lighting pattern of luminaries differs. There are guidelines and standards of illumination levels for different areas of a building based on the activity or task. Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA) recommends levels of illumination for different spaces in a building and based on task to be performed in the space.

The aim of a lighting retrofit project is to get the required lighting levels as a minimum for the space in question, with more efficient (or lower power consuming) lighting fitting which will result in maximum energy and money saving. By this Measure – Analyze – Optimize process, over illuminated areas are fitted with lower power luminaries or distribution of luminaries to get a more even illumination as required. Under illuminated areas are fitted with luminaries which would give required level of illumination.

In a proper lighting retrofit project in buildings, lighting levels prior to lighting retrofit should be measured and recorded. Analyzing the recorded readings help to identify the areas of over illumination and under illumination. This forms the basis for re-designing the lighting. After retrofit project, illumination levels are measured and verified to satisfy recommended levels.

Overall effect of the above approach will result not only in reduction of lighting retrofit cost and associated cost of energy for lighting, but also in better lighting levels.

Measure and Optimize technique is applicable to virtually any process using energy. If time is limited for comprehensive energy audit before lighting retrofits a lighting level audit will produce better saving and better lighting levels.

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