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Written by Nani Pradeepan, P.Eng.

Small ticket item trends, like DVD players, catch on quickly, and just as quickly, they fade away. But earth-friendly decisions those are economical start out slowly, and then gain momentum as time goes on. Solar power is one of those earth-friendly decisions which began as an unattainable power source for the average consumer, but within few years has quickly picked up speed as more and more households make the change. Solar panels on roofs are becoming common seen in cities and villages around the world.

Lower costs and tax credits

16tbThe cost of solar power system has gone down substantially as the volume and production technologies of solar energy have improved. Consequently, prices for rooftop solar systems dropped by almost three from since 2009.

Feed in Tariff, tax credits and rebates have encouraged many people to go solar in Canada and North America in general. Indeed, these feed in tariffs and credits make solar energy system more affordable and attractive to home owners. However, feed in tariffs and tax credits are set to decline and eventually disappear by second half of 2017. Taking that into consideration, as well as available financing options and growing number of solar energy system options, there has never been a better time to switch to solar power.

Easy maintenance

Maintaining solar panels is as easy as hosing them down once a year. For the average homeowner bogged down by home maintenance of many systems in a home, this is a huge benefit.

As the electricity price rise, easy maintenance and the fact that homes with solar power sell faster and for more money than homes without, will entice almost every homeowner to consider switching to solar power.

Businesses have also jumped into on the solar wave

In addition to homeowners, businesses have found that solar power can lower their operating costs. Solar energy not only lowers the cost to businesses but also allows companies to capitalize on improved environmental profiles and will help them in their marketing efforts.
Cities are mandating to require solar on all new construction

The Santa Monica City in California is the latest city to pass an ordinance requiring rooftop solar systems for all new construction in the City – both residential and commercial. The ordinance went into effect at the end of May 2016.

Energy Storage systems are promoted

Germany and California have set the example when it comes to energy storage. New York also budgeted $25 million to go towards storage development. In an emergency, backup power is often run by diesel generators, which cause pollution. As solar energy moves forward, solar power systems combined with battery systems are providing a safer stable power alternative.

Environmentally friendly

Solar power is more environmentally friendly than any other power system as it doesn’t rely on fuel or water to make electricity. Further, solar panels do not pollute the air as they generate electricity, and they produce no waste. Solar power has no fuel costs, which means there is no gamble of fuel prices increasing in global market. Solar power also make no nice and it is cleaner and more reliable than other sources of power.

The future

We predict this is only the beginning of the surge of solar energy use. As people continue to recognize the benefits of solar power, its use will be even more widespread.

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