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Energy efficiency is the cheapest, cleanest, and most readily available energy resource to help reduce carbon pollution. Knowledgeable and licensed professionals at New Dawn Energy Solutions perform cost effective energy audits and guarantee you get fifty percent of the audit cost from government incentives and another fifty percent in energy savings.

Our energy audit starts with analyzing your utility bills and benchmarking your building performance. Then we study your building systems holistically and identify opportunities which will bring in energy savings. Analyzing the findings and the available incentives for them we will provide you an energy plan with defined priorities to take actions appropriately.

Benchmarking your building’s energy performance is the key first step, which is part of our Audit Methodology to help you understand the energy performance of your building, compares your building’s energy performance to a similar building. Benchmarking also will help you monitor your building energy performance before and after an energy saving modification.

Benchmarking is an invaluable tool for continuously evaluating energy performance of your building and will help you in many ways.

  • objective, reliable information on energy use and the benefits of improvements
  • increases general awareness of energy efficiency among building occupants
  • prioritizes poorly performing systems for immediate improvement
  • identifies best practices that can be replicated
  • identifies what opportunities are there to improve your building’s energy performance
  • helps to develop a comprehensive energy management action plan and build the business case for capital investments

Your Energy Management team has the routine function of operation and maintenance of all the energy consuming equipment of the building and monitoring energy usage. They may not have the time, though have the expertise, to analyze and localize energy wastage.

At New Dawn Energy Solutions, we have the expertise and time to conduct a targeted study to evaluate where energy is wasted and what cost effective improvements are possible to save energy and money.

Contact us on or phone 416 855 9377 to book an appointment to help your energy management team.

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