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Written by Nani Pradeepan, P.Eng.

At New Dawn Energy Solutions we provide solar monitoring system with each and every solar PV solutions we provide to our customers and it is included in the price we quote. So why do we do this?

Solar power systems do not make any noise hence by looking at it one cannot say whether it is working or not. If one does not have a solar monitoring system only way to check its operation is to look at the inverter display or the utility meter. It is obviously challenging for people go near these equipment and check them regularly. It is much more cost effective and convenience to have a monitoring system that can be checked from anywhere using computer, tablets or smart phones.

Solar monitoring also helps to cut costs by providing insights into a solar power system. For example monitoring system help to identify any issues with solar power system early so that system owners can act proactively and perform preventive maintenance when required otherwise may lead to financial impacts.

Monitoring system also helps to compare the electricity generation from your solar power system with your billing data from your utility.

Even if you don’t check the performance of your solar power system with solar monitoring system regularly it will email you to alert when there is an issue that needs your attention.

Solar monitoring is available at system level and panel level. System level monitoring provide insight into how a solar power system is performing as a whole unit.


Whereas panel level monitoring provide insight into how each solar panels that make up the solar power system. A panel level monitoring system enable to pin point any issues associated with a solar power system to a single panel. Because of this feature a panel level monitoring improve the financial performance of a solar power system and reduce the cost of maintenance cost when maintenance needed.


At New Dawn Energy Solutions we offer both system level and panel level monitoring and recommend having panel level monitoring.

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